How to dazzle rival crews...

Juares Rizal (M2x bowman pacer & M8+ 1st stroke-man) preparing for the long race day ahead. Or was it post-race?


Aftermath: Varsity Boat Race 2009

The Varsity Boat Race 2009 concluded on the 11th of Oct with UNITEN raking 2 bronze medals. The M4+ and the M8+ crews positioned themselves in the 3rd and 4th place respectively. Why the bronze medal for the M8+ crew? The M8+ race was of  international category. Ateneo de Manila University, UTHM and UTM ranked first, second and third respectively. The local crews were awarded medals for a local category (a sub-category of the international M8+ race). Sharp eyed readers would notice th ASEAN title being dropped from the name as other Asian countries were invited too, albeit, none attended. Overall, the event was an eye opener to our crews as many new varsities such as  UMS, USIM and as usual UTHM have upped their game tremendously. The lack of equipment, training and commitment among our rowers clouds our future accomplishment. One team to look up to will be UTHM; for they have won the Regatta Trophy (Overall Winner). Their success is a story of administration involvement (financial & motivational), training, and commitment. They have rised steadily from oblivion to what many say, the country's best. All within 2 years. Emulating their success is a tall order although nothing is impossible if we put our minds to it.

Full race results after the jump.

Day 4 (Final)

P.S: Rumours in the grape vines state that UNITEN administration is looking forward to acquiring rowing shell/shells for the team. Keep your fingers crossed.


URC Information Series Poster Numero Uno

URC has launched a series of posters, aptly named URC Information Series. Its main aim is to educate UNITEN students on rowing and also as a medium of publicity for the club. The first of this series is "Ergometer: The Fundamentals" which introduces readers to the erg. Next in the series is "Rowing Boat Technology". Poster available for view after the jump.

Hit the Toggle Full Screen button (small white square in a larger darker square) at the top right corner for a larger view.


Rowers, lets have some fun! Wuhuu!!

Hi Rowers!

Thank you for joining Uniten Rowing Club!

For a start, lets have some fun! Join us to have relax and leisure activities such as 'kayaking' etc tomorrow (24 July 2009) at Kelab Tasik Putrajaya, Presinct 8!

Double leisure kayak!

Canadian Canoe!

Details are as follows:

Gather Venue : DSS/MPH

Transportation : Own transportation / Car pool / Convoi

(Please gather to do name checklist and short taklimat)

Gather Time : 1700hrs

End Time : 1900hrs

Venue : Kelab Tasik Putrajaya, Presint 8, Putrajaya.(10 mins travel from UNITEN)

Fees: RM 5 (compulsary!)

Own items : Camera, Drinks etc

Please respond your attendance to this email ( before Friday prayers.

Thank you for your kind attention!


p/s: AJKs, do invite those who've been involved rowing 0809 session.Senior and ex-rowers are also invited! =D

"Sports is meant for fun, not politics"



A very good day to Uniten Rowers. It was a spurise news I received from informers regarding this year Uniten Rowing Invitational 2009. As what from I have been informed, URI 2009 this year has been postponed to a new unknown date. The original date was to be scheduled on 29th JULY 09 - 1 August 09. The Uniten authorities have decided to postponed the event due to the spread of H1N1 virus occured in our country. Thus, this result of little participation in this event from international and local universities.

However, as I was again informed, there will be training (ergo , gym, rowing etc) as usual scheduled this open semester. Let us pray for this event to be re-held as soon as possible.



URI Invitation for Alumni Rowers

To Alumni Rowers!

Alumni Rowing Club is currently searching for alumni rowers, who had involved in rowing sports since its early establishment, to be participating in this upcoming URI event. ARC is to gather all alumni rowers, to be formed as a team which will be led and handled by ARC itself.

Therefore, for alumni rowers who are interested to join URI end of this July, may pursue inquiries to saudara Saifullah Ramly. His contacts info are as follows:

Mohd Saifullah b Hj Ramly

Below are additional info regarding the alumni team.Thank you!


Berikut adalah detail untuk URI seperti di bawah. Dilampirkan juga borang penyertaan untuk tindakan sahabat.

Confirmed Details:

Date : Saturday, 1 August 2009 – Alumni Category

Venue : Putrajaya Water Sports Complex

Entry fees : RM50 per entry

Event : Coxless 4 (Men & Women)

Distance : 1000 meter

Untuk makluman sahabat, pihak ARC juga akan menyediakan t-shirt (20 helai untuk team Men & Women) untuk Alumni Rowing Team,mohon bantuan sahabat untuk memberi Nama Penuh dan Saiz Baju kepada saya sebelum 29 June 2009 berserta dengan Entry Form. Pihak ARC mencadangkan untuk diadakan 2 team lelaki dan 1 team perempuan.

Looking forward to having your teams participate and network among other alumni members.

ARC will keep you all updated on the schedule, etc once the entry forms have been compiled.

Thank you.

For further information or any inquiries, please contact:

Tel: 03-89212020 ext 5540 (Adila/ Su), 5542 (Shaufi), 7541 (Jacinta) or 7540 (Dr Chua)



A Silver For The Team!

Masum has reached its end this morning, with our team had managed eventually to earn
a silver medal!

However, for 8+, the race was not on our side as the final of boat 8 was considered tough and full with adrenaline.Good and improved perfomance from our 8+ crew!

The silver was awarded to our 4+ crew, with a staggering fight between UTHM, USM and UM!

Congratulations to our team for their effort to give full commitment during MASUM! Let us shall again roar for our next event, URI!!

Moments of scene..

Hunger for medals..


Mogok?? nahh~~


MASUM Finale Snippets!

And we are through to da finale~!

A sensational performance from our team as 8+ and 4+ crew will walk into the final round of Masum Rowing 2009 competition!

As for 4-, luck was not on our side as the crew was eliminated in the semifinal round against top rowers from UM, UTM and USM.

The timings:

Mens 4+ = 3:39.xxs

Mens 8+ = 3:34.56s

So, for tomorrow final startlist :

4+ (1010hrs) = UM UNITEN UTHM USM


Come and join us to give support to our only crews!!

p/s: asan dgn ad tgh berapa ntah.jgn BARAN ok! Bak pepatah T**T, "Majulah Sukan Untuk Negara!"


MASUM Rowing 2009 Snippets!


Uniten Rowing Team is currently participating in rowing MASUM 2009! The tournament is on its schedule from today until Saturday. (27 - 30 May 2009)

The participated crews for this events are :
1. Mens 4- ( Shazni, Faris, Shameen, Visha)
2. Mens 4+ (Hassan, Adzale, Muazan, Ammar, Joshua)
3. Mens 8+ (Hassan, Faris, Ammar, Muazan, Shameen, Adzale, Shazni, Visha, Joshua)

And for today's heat, crew for 4- and 4+ are on to the next semifinal round this Friday!

The timings are :
1. Mens 4- : 3:56.26
2. Mens 4+ : 3:40.07

Mens 8+ will be raced tomorrow at 10am. So guys, be there to cheer us!

p/s : Sponsored by Adidas?? nahh~ Apa yang penting?? Kerjasama!!


The Boat Race 2009 (Part I & II)


Centralized Training Photos

Photos from centralized training Day 3 uploaded! Check them out by clicking on the 'Photos' link on the top navigation tabs. Hopefully we'll have more by the end of our training.


Centralized Training Blues


155th Oxford vs Cambridge race: The Ox is crowned again!

Racing for the 155th time, the annual Oxford vs. Cambridge Boat Race in England has gone Oxford University’s way. Raced between Oxford and Cambridge Universities top men’s eight crews, the Boat Race is a head-to-head race on the Thames River.

Oxford showed their superior endurance after overtaking early leaders, Cambridge University in this two boat race that covers 6.8km (4 ¼ miles). Earlier in the week Oxford had weighed in as the heavier crew and are recorded as the heaviest ever. The average weight of each of the eight men was 99.7kg with Cambridge averaging 96.1kg per rower.

On the Oxford side, four of the members won medals at the Beijing Olympics and before the race they were being touted as the favourites to win.Cambridge came into the race with new coach, Chris Nilsson from New Zealand and included a Canadian, an Australian and three Americans.

Crossing the line 12 seconds ahead of Cambridge, Oxford finished in 17 minutes flat.

(6.8km in 17 mins?? Yikes!)

Next year’s Boat Race will be on Saturday 3 April, 2010.

For more information go to

The Start: from Putney Bridge up to Fulham Football Club.


A little catalyst for 09/10

In light of the next race season, I've put up a video for the team to remember how it aches to loose, just so that we learn from the past. The URI 2008 M8+ race as seen by the eyes of an UTHM cameraman. Hope it does the same for the rest of us. Win this event guys. This is a race that we can not loose the next URI. This is our own turf and we can't loose it to the bunch of new kids on the block. Video after the jump. URI 2009 Overall Champs here we come.


Deutsche Telekom - Rudern Commercial

Slick commercial for the Deutsche Telekom - Rudern rowing team. Makes me yearn for a day at the lake. And also makes me wonder why we don't do the shove at the pontoon (at 1.03min into the video). I think we should learn and teach our rowers to perform the shove. Creates a powerful image of ourselves among other teams. Video after jump.


More Advertising Glory

Our very own Faris featured in a UNITEN advert on The New York Times Magazine, Sept 21 2008, page 99. Grabbed from Faris's Blog.


Advertisement UNITEN @ LRT.

*perghh...cuba spot a rower dalam ad above...muka muazan ada juga taw..haha!

Below statemnt is taken from forum aibob:

"Photo Credit to Sir Yunus Yusof from Facebook.

Adalah dimaklumkan bahawa Iklan UNITEN di LRT akan bermula pada 15 Mac 2009 (Ahad) bagi Laluan Kelana Jaya. Manakala bagi Laluan Ampang pula akan bermula pada 15 Julai 2009. Tempoh iklan di LRT bagi setiap laluan adalah 6 bulan.

Selain dari Iklan di LRT, iklan UNITEN juga terdapat di `Horizontal Panel’ di 8 buah stesyen bagi Laluan Ampang iaitu di stesyen berikut :

• Sentul Timur
• Hang Tuah
• Chan Sow Lin
• Bukit Jalil
• Pandan Jaya
• Cempaka
Location: Inside and outside of LRT"

p/s: Hopefully after this, LRT will be built inside campus.haha!


Rowing Clinic Confirmed

Good news! The highly anticipated Rowing Clinic is back. It has been scheduled for the 21st & 22nd of February 2009. Booths will be held around campus for a sign-up drive on the 17th, 18th & 19th of February. Don't forget to notify your mates. Further details will be posted soon on this blog. Stay tuned.


Ergometer Dilemma Is Over!

Good tidings from Unit Sukan! Faris (President) has just confirmed that URC members will be able to use the ergs at Level 1 MPH as before. Due to a red tape blunder, URC members have been denied individual access to the ergs since the beginning of Sem 2 08/09. Thanks to the efforts of parties unknown during press time, we have finally regained our basic right as rowers, to row on Concept2 Ergs. Individual rowers are given access to the machines on weekdays, from 8am till 7pm daily (still not available on weekends). Our official training has been scheduled for Fridays 4pm to 7pm. Please sign in at the gym to get the keys to the ergometer store.


2000m World Records [Women]

These are the current 2000m world records for men as published on the Concept2 site. Hit Read More for the full list of record holders.

12Fie UdbyDNK7:30.31999
13-18 LwtJohanne ThomsenDNK7:07.02000
13-18Sarah HubbardAUS6:33.92004
19-29 LwtJo HammondGreat Britain6:57.02006
19-29Sophie BalmaryFRA6:28.42005
30-39 LwtLisa SchlenkerUSA6:56.72000
30-39Sarah WincklessGreat Britain6:28.82004
40-49 LwtLisa SchlenkerUSA7:09.62005
40-49Carol SkrickiUSA6:48.22003
50-54 LwtJoan Van BlomUSA7:22.62005
50-54Anna BaileyGreat Britain7:06.62001
55-59Susan Hooten
55-59 LwtJoan Van BlomUSA7:33.42008
60-64 LwtIngrid PetersenDNK7:48.62005
60-64Mies Bernelot MoensNED7:31.02007
65-69Barbara PikeUSA7:53.42006
65-69 LwtLuanne MillsUSA8:00.02005
70-74 LwtLaurette RindlaubUSA8:43.02007
70-74Renée CamuFRA8:26.72007
75-79Ruth DoellUSA8:54.02006
75-79 LwtMavis SurridgeGreat Britain9:13.12005
80-84 LwtJane WelshGreat Britain10:04.32002
80-84Ruth DoellUSA8:54.82008

85-89 LwtJane WelshGreat Britain10:25.22006
90-95 LwtErnestine BayerUSA12:07.52000

95-99 Lwt



2000m World Records [Men]

These are the current 2000m world records for men as published on the Concept2 site. Hit Read More for the full list of record holders.

12Callum JonesNewark RC7:12.72008
13-18 LwtHenrik StephansenDNK6:06.52006
13-18Karsten BrodowskiGER5:47.02003
19-29 LwtHenrik StephansenDEN6:01.82009
19-29Rob WaddellNew Zealand5:38.31999
30-39 LwtEskild EbbesenDNK6:06.42004
30-39Rob WaddellNZL5:36.62008
40-49 LwtMichael CavistonUSA6:18.22002
40-49Nik FlemingMad Team / Mad -65:57.52008
50-54 LwtGraham WattNZL6:25.82004
50-54Andy RipleyGreat Britain6:07.71998
55-59Raimund SchusterGER6:20.92008
55-59 LwtRoy BrookGreat Britain6:38.12008
60-64 LwtBrian BaileyGreat Britain6:42.52007
60-64Paul HendershottUSA6:23.72004
65-69Christian SommerGER6:46.92008
65-69 LwtEdwin AldermanUSA7:01.52003
70-74 LwtGeoffrey KnightGreat Britain7:13.42005
70-74Stephen RoundsUSA7:02.61999
75-79Stephen RoundsUSA7:22.3-
75-79 LwtDean SmithUSA7:25.32004
80-84 LwtWalter WagnerGER7:42.02008
80-84Dean SmithUSA7:45.52008
85-59 LwtJohn HodgsonGreat Britain9:22.02000
85-89David ShepherdGreat Britain8:55.92008
90-94 LwtJohn HodgsonGreat Britain9:25.82002
90-94George BracelandUSA11:01.92004
95-99 LwtJohn HodgsonGreat Britain10:28.12005


Rowing qualification system announced for Singapore 2010

Qualification system for the first ever Youth Olympic Games (YOG) to be held in Singapore in 2010 have been confirmed by the IOC. A quota system means that athletes will have to qualify for the Games through a qualification process that begins this year. Hit Read More for full article.

The four rowing events for these Games will be: the junior men’s single, junior women’s single, junior men’s pair and junior women’s pair. The rowing quota allows a total of 96 competitors falling into a two year age category: the rowers must be 17 or 18 years old at the time of the Games (birthdays from 1.1.92 – 31.12.93).

Nations will be limited to one male and one female crew and can qualify in one of two ways: by obtaining the necessary ranking at the 2009 World Rowing Junior Championships, or by allocation of a universality place. Universality places may be offered to eligible nations that do not qualify via performance and that have submitted applications for a universality place allocation. 68 rowers will qualify via the ‘performance’ route, while 26 will be allocated universality places. A further 2 places are available for the host country.

This year’s World Rowing Junior Championships will offer the sole qualification opportunity for the Youth Olympic Games. At this regatta boats with the following ranking will qualify one boat spot for their country:

* 12 nations will qualify for each of the men’s and women’s single: the top six places in the single, top three places in the double and top three places in the quad.
* 11 nations will qualify for each of the men’s and women’s pair: the top five places in the pair, top three places in the four and top three places in the eight.

If more than one boat per nation meets the performance qualification criteria, the qualification place will be attributed to the boat with the higher ranking. If two or more boats from a country meet the qualification criteria and achieve the same ranking, then the NOC of that country will decide which qualification place to accept.These rankings will qualify the nation, not the individual athlete, for a spot at the YOG.

FISA’s delegate Mike Tanner says the final allocation will be confirmed following consultation between the International Olympic Committee (IOC), FISA and the relevant National Olympic Committees. This final allocation will consider universality (adding another 26 athletes to the total), host country representation (allowing two single entries to the host nation), performance and gender equity to decide the final mix. The quota places and names will be confirmed by July 2010.

“We need to get the word out to all nations about qualification (at the junior championships),” says Tanner who is expecting some additional countries to compete at this year’s World Rowing Junior Championships.

The World Rowing Junior Championships are to be held in Brive-la-Gaillarde, France from 5 – 8 August 2009.

Established by the International Olympic Committee, the Youth Olympic Games are described by IOC president, Jacques Rogge, as a way to inspire young people to take up sport and as a “platform to create a true community between the youth of the world.” The 26 chosen sports have been selected to “protect the health of the young athletes.” Rowing will be an integral part of these Games and the 1000m course has been established close to the city for accessibility and profile.

Article from


2010 Summer Youth Olympic Games @ Singapore

The 2010 Summer Youth Olympic Games (officially known as 1st Summer Youth Olympic Games) is the inaugural Youth Olympic Games, a major international sports and cultural festival to be celebrated in the tradition of the Summer Olympic Games from August 14 to August 26, 2010, during the XXIX Olympiad. The Games will be held in Singapore, in a decision announced on 21 February 2008 after mail voting by 105 IOC members. Most of us have never had a chance to attend large-scale sporting events such as this. I guess this will be one of URC Members' best chances to watch some of the world's top youth athletes in action. Read More for further information.

Events being held are as follows:

The Rowing Events will held between the 15th and the 19th of August 2010 at the Marina Reservoir. Do try to attend these events if don't want miss a truly international regatta.

Further information:
Singapore 2010 Official Site


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