155th Oxford vs Cambridge race: The Ox is crowned again!

Racing for the 155th time, the annual Oxford vs. Cambridge Boat Race in England has gone Oxford University’s way. Raced between Oxford and Cambridge Universities top men’s eight crews, the Boat Race is a head-to-head race on the Thames River.

Oxford showed their superior endurance after overtaking early leaders, Cambridge University in this two boat race that covers 6.8km (4 ¼ miles). Earlier in the week Oxford had weighed in as the heavier crew and are recorded as the heaviest ever. The average weight of each of the eight men was 99.7kg with Cambridge averaging 96.1kg per rower.

On the Oxford side, four of the members won medals at the Beijing Olympics and before the race they were being touted as the favourites to win.Cambridge came into the race with new coach, Chris Nilsson from New Zealand and included a Canadian, an Australian and three Americans.

Crossing the line 12 seconds ahead of Cambridge, Oxford finished in 17 minutes flat.

(6.8km in 17 mins?? Yikes!)

Next year’s Boat Race will be on Saturday 3 April, 2010.

For more information go to www.theboatrace.org

The Start: from Putney Bridge up to Fulham Football Club.


gingkoi said...

i watched it last nite, it was a tight race, tho Oxs seemed to be more energetic!

average stroke was 36 - 37

thier heigt was like 6ft - 7ft ( kalah seelan!)

The Oxs got a few advantage, as Cambs got few pros got injured.

it was a great fight tho!

=) said...
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=) said...

saw it also.. ey~ cambridge pki cox pompuan xper ker?

=) said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
gingkoi said...

as long as shes gud to be coxain, takde masalah.

but throughout 155 race, tak pernah ade mix male female row together, unless shes got equivalent power as her male teammates.hehe

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