A very good day to Uniten Rowers. It was a spurise news I received from informers regarding this year Uniten Rowing Invitational 2009. As what from I have been informed, URI 2009 this year has been postponed to a new unknown date. The original date was to be scheduled on 29th JULY 09 - 1 August 09. The Uniten authorities have decided to postponed the event due to the spread of H1N1 virus occured in our country. Thus, this result of little participation in this event from international and local universities.

However, as I was again informed, there will be training (ergo , gym, rowing etc) as usual scheduled this open semester. Let us pray for this event to be re-held as soon as possible.



Anonymous said...

Bro, training dlm lokap la lu!

Meegh0l said...

Br0,nk tnye,k0mp0m URI 09 p0sp0n?ad game laen x diz m0nth.i heard there'll b 0pen r0wing next week,but i dunn0 much b0ut it.if u g0t any inf0 on dat game,cn u please r0ger us t0o? - iium r0wers

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