MASUM Rowing 2009 Snippets!


Uniten Rowing Team is currently participating in rowing MASUM 2009! The tournament is on its schedule from today until Saturday. (27 - 30 May 2009)

The participated crews for this events are :
1. Mens 4- ( Shazni, Faris, Shameen, Visha)
2. Mens 4+ (Hassan, Adzale, Muazan, Ammar, Joshua)
3. Mens 8+ (Hassan, Faris, Ammar, Muazan, Shameen, Adzale, Shazni, Visha, Joshua)

And for today's heat, crew for 4- and 4+ are on to the next semifinal round this Friday!

The timings are :
1. Mens 4- : 3:56.26
2. Mens 4+ : 3:40.07

Mens 8+ will be raced tomorrow at 10am. So guys, be there to cheer us!

p/s : Sponsored by Adidas?? nahh~ Apa yang penting?? Kerjasama!!


arres™ said...

yg no 3 dari kanan tue paling hensem siot....

sape ntah nama die....

hensemla tp...

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