Aftermath: Varsity Boat Race 2009

The Varsity Boat Race 2009 concluded on the 11th of Oct with UNITEN raking 2 bronze medals. The M4+ and the M8+ crews positioned themselves in the 3rd and 4th place respectively. Why the bronze medal for the M8+ crew? The M8+ race was of  international category. Ateneo de Manila University, UTHM and UTM ranked first, second and third respectively. The local crews were awarded medals for a local category (a sub-category of the international M8+ race). Sharp eyed readers would notice th ASEAN title being dropped from the name as other Asian countries were invited too, albeit, none attended. Overall, the event was an eye opener to our crews as many new varsities such as  UMS, USIM and as usual UTHM have upped their game tremendously. The lack of equipment, training and commitment among our rowers clouds our future accomplishment. One team to look up to will be UTHM; for they have won the Regatta Trophy (Overall Winner). Their success is a story of administration involvement (financial & motivational), training, and commitment. They have rised steadily from oblivion to what many say, the country's best. All within 2 years. Emulating their success is a tall order although nothing is impossible if we put our minds to it.

Full race results after the jump.

Day 4 (Final)

P.S: Rumours in the grape vines state that UNITEN administration is looking forward to acquiring rowing shell/shells for the team. Keep your fingers crossed.


Coach Dan said...

Best of luck in 2010 with your goals. Do you know who I should speak to learn more about rowing in Malaysia and how I might help as a coach? How many university teams are there in the area? How many youth teams? Are there masters clubs as well? Etc, etc? Thanks and best of success!

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