Happy holiday!

Sem 2 2007/08 final exam was officially finished today. After spent almost 4 months with reading, assignments, lab reports, tests, quizzes, experiments and projects, now the time for enjoy has come.

I want to take this opportunity to wish all Uniten students especially Uniten Rowing Club members a happy holiday. Those who are not going to take special semester will be having 3 months of holiday so enjoy your 3 months from now and those who are going to take special semester you have 2 weeks only to enjoy ur holiday. But, for those rowers who will be participating in centralized training, dont be sad because you have to feel honoured that you might be representing Uniten in MASUM competition which is on 14th May 2008. Take this opportunity to improve your rowing technique and experience.

Happy holiday again!!

Muazan Mohsin


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