Centralized Training

7th April 2008 will be the first training day for Uniten rowers as a preparation for 2008 MASUM Competition. This centralized training will be held for about one week. Uniten Rowing Club coach, Mr Ibrahim says that this centralized training will be focusing on technique rather than fitness. Because he says that to improve fitness level within one week is ridiculous, therefore we should spend this one week by focusing on row technique so that all rowers can improve their rowing skills. He also said that, he has mentioned long ago to all rowers to improve their fitness level and now they can just maintain it. So there should not be a problem with fitness level.

This centralized training will be started with cooper test which is handled by Unit Sukan (USK) Uniten. Another cooper test will be held at the end of the centralized training. This test is to check the fitness level of all rowers. All technique training will be organized at the same place as ever which is at Tasik Putrajaya.

Lastly, I'd like to wish good luck to every rowers which are participating in this centralized training and try to give your best shot. This might be your last competition before u graduate, so all the best. Try to get as many medals as we can and hopefully we can increase the number of gold medals this time.

Enjoy your training,

best regards

Muazan Mohsin


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