Free & Easy - Centralized Training 2008

On last friday (11 April 2008), the coach had given all of the centralized training participants an off training day. In the morning of the day, all participants were needed to attend a fitness test which was involving 7 level test, bridging and 2.4 km run within 12 minutes conducted by the Sports Unit of Uniten(USK).

Right after friday prayer, all of the team members gathered at MPH around 3 pm and went to Aktif Futsal in Bangi for a futsal session between members. The futsal session ended at 5 pm. At night there was another activity which was planned earlier by Saifullah and the gang. The activity was watching movie entitle Street King at GSC, Alamanda. All of the participants also had dinner at the Alamanda Food Court before watching the movie.

Everything ended with happiness among the members =)


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