Notice: UNITEN Rowing Clinic

Assalamualaikum and Good day

Hereby glad to inform that Kelab Rowing Uniten will be organizing a program that is designed to:

  1. Give an exposure to all new members about the Rowing sports.
  2. Provide a basic training to the club members.
  3. Preparing apprentices for the UNITEN rowing team in representing the University, UNITEN in various Rowing competition.

It is opened to all existing Kelab Rowing Uniten members, and to anyone that is interested to join (all Uniten Students). This program is limited to 40 participants.

Interested? You can visit our booth and register.

Further information can contact,

Setiausaha Kelab Rowing UNITEN,

Tengku Nur Hafizah Mohamed

H/p: 013-2748287

Email: tg_hafizah@yahoo. com

Thank You


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