Uniten Rowing Clinic 2008

Mr President is giving the speech

On 2nd & 3rd of February 2008, UNITEN Rowing Club was successfully organizing the first big event of the year for the Club which was UNITEN Rowing Clinic 2008. The event was part of the strategies that has been planned by the club in order to find new talents to suit in as UNITEN Athletes to compete in any rowing tournements in the future. The objectives for the event were:

  1. Give an exposure to all new members about the Rowing sports.
  2. Provide a basic training to the club members.

  3. Preparing apprentices for the UNITEN rowing team in representing UNITEN in various Rowing competition in the future.
Participants are concentrating during clinic

The event was started by setting up booth for registration. The registration day was opened for three days in a row starting from 29,30 and 31st of January. There were almost 30 persons have registered to attend the Rowing Clinic. Bravo to them for taking the first nice step to achievement.

The first day of rowing clinic which was on Saturday was held in COIT. For the first day, the module were to expose and explain to all participants what is rowing all about. How does it work, the history of Uniten Rowing Club, all the achievements by the club, the differences between rowing, kayaking and canoeing and etc. In the evening on the same day, ergometer session was organized so that the participants can feel how is the feeling during pulling the ergometer. They did a great job. Some of the participants did very well.

Coach Ibrahim do the talking

The next day of the event was the day that every participants including crew of Uniten Rowing Clinic were waiting for. The whole day on this day was performed at Kelab Tasik Putrajaya. All of the participants were very excited to try rowing. After they have spent one full day of learning on what is rowing all about, now its the time to show their skills. Untill the end of the event, obviously, we can see the satisfaction on each of the participants face. They were really really enjoying the event and thats what we were hoping as the organizer.

Hopefully, what they have learnt from these two days, can make them more determine and confident on becoming the athletes to represent UNITEN in the future.

''Row row row your boat"


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