20 minutes ergometer training

This is another form of ergometer training. Instead of pulling the ergometer for a distance of 2km, we focus on the distance covered by continuously pulling the ergometer for 20 minutes. For men, the target distance is 5km (not really sure for women). In order to achieve the target distance, we can do simple algebra to calculate the average split time:

Lets assume that variable 'x' is the split time:

so, 20/x * 500 = 5000

==> x = 2.00 minutes/500meters

So in order to achieve the target distance of 5km, we have to maintain a split average of below 2. This might sounds easy but just to let you know, during the 2km ergometer test, a lot of our rowers go above the 2 minutes split average after the first 1km.

At the moment, the record distance achieved by one of our rower is 4796 meters which is just 204 meters shy of the target distance. The purpose of this exercise is to help the rower learn how to maintain their stamina, not really on power. I sure hope that you guys reading this will do this exercise. I would like to record the distance covered and post it in this blog.


Anonymous said...

I did 5555m in 20mins.

Anonymous said...

i did 4680, i'm 102 lbs and 5"3 and 14 years old

Anonymous said...

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