This is our (unofficial) rowing coach!!

A bit of info about our coach:

Name: Aidil Azwin bin Zainul Abidin ( we call him Sir, Sir aidil or mr.aidil)

Education background-

1. M. Eng. in Electrical Engineering (Univ. Tenaga Nasional, Malaysia), 2006

2. B. Sc. Electrical Engineering (Indiana Univ. Purdue Univ. at Indianapolis, USA), 1999

Area of Specialization / Research Interest-Controls and Automation( he is a car freak...sesiapa yang tinggal kat cendikiawan, you know what i can hear his kereta waja punya exhaust from far away.....and he has personally told me that he knows every single nuts and bolts inside his car...)

If you guys want to be pushed to the limit, then i advise you to train under mr.aidil....he is the one who says ' PAIN IS IN THE MIND!!!!!!' Kalau main ergometer with him, confirm muntah...kita ada member seorang(i will keep his identity a secret), yang sampai cramp kaki!!!!


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