Intro: Surf Rowing

Surf Rowing = Coastal Rowing? Actually surf rowing differs from coastal rowing. The key difference being surf rowing is flagged off in knee deep rolling surf i.e. the beach, whereas coastal rowing events start off in calmer waters. Another dissimilarity is an experienced helmsman or 'sweep', a vital member of the crew. The helmsman/sweep (similar to flat water coxswain) steers the boat with a large paddle, much like a dragon boat helmsman. The sweep may be seated or standing according to personal preference and surf condition (as you will see in the video), where else in coastal rowing the cox is seated at all times like in ordinary flat water rowing (the kind we do). So when is URC taking to the high seas? The video after the jump was put together by UK Surf Rowers League (UKSRL). Hit "Read more" to catch the video.


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