Hi everyone,

Visha here and I'll be one of the new admins for the blog. The other is Fatehah I believe. Will do my best to get things up ad running again, although I'm quite new to blogging. Before I begin, i would like to congratulate the new Board Members on their postings (I'll put up the list ASAP). The first thing I've done is remove the broken video links. Next, I'm putting up a poll to ask your opinion on changing the blog's address to Personally, I find the current one too long. There are other technical reasons for this which I do not want to discuss right now. So, please vote in the Poll above the chat box.

Till the next post,

UPDATE: The powers that be have stipulated that the address shall remain. The technical issue part involves Google services that I've been wanting to incorporate in the blog (Calendar, Picasa etc.). Worked around those. I've already dismantled the poll box.

UPDATE #2: Brand new blog theme. Hope it goes down well. Still a few minor kinks to iron out. Other than that, this looks like a good start. Unless ada yang tak puas dengan theme baru. Hehehe.


alerina said...

dear visha..not relevant to chg the address just because it is too long..

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