20 minutes ergometer training ==> Update!

Yes! We have a new rower who has completed the painful (but fun!) 20 minutes ergometer test. Id has achieved a remarkable distance of 4951 meters...just 49 meters short of the target 5km!!!! We have a rower yang tak puas hati with this distance because he was beaten by 100 meters....this spirit of competition will hopefully fuel the desire to achieve their very best!!!

1.Id ==> 4951 meters ==> 49 meters of the 5km target distance.

2. afif ==> 4851 meters ==> 149 meters off the 5 km target distance.

3.kona==> 4601 meters ==> 399 meters off the target distance.

***the picture you see is our current record holder Id...tengah busy layan internet....


KoNa said...

eid kuat giler sial~ sekali row bot bole berpusing patah balik~

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