Council Gathering Update

ok since we gonna playing paintball..
this is the detail..

Gather time: 1pm
Place : MPH (convoi by cars)

Place: Xtion Paintball Park, National Sport Complex, Bukit Jalil.
Time: 2pm - 4pm

Starter Pack for alduts - (RM 30 ONLY)
Starter pack is inclusive of:
- 2hours Time slot
- Safety and Game Briefing
- 50 paintballs/pallet (spe yg nk tmbh 50 pallet lg just byr RM10 je)
- Goggles (yg nk bwk spec sendiri pn leh..)
- Marker/Paintgun
- Hopper
- Barrel sock/Plug
- Body Vest (priority for ladies..guys yg nk tnjuk kuat xpyh pkai pn xpe)
- C02/Compress Air Tank
- UNLIMITED supply of C02/Air
- Playing Field with Marshals

Suggestion Attire:
- Long sleeve ( spe2 yg xnk pkai pn xpe.. just 4 protection dari lebam2 kat tgn)
- Seluar Panjang.. Short also can.. Tp klu luke tanggung sendri (those yg nk pkai jeans tnggung sndiri klu suar korg koyak. heheh)
- Cap/bandana (nak protect dr panas n nmpk lagi cool..haha)
- Glove
- Sport Shoes
- Bring your own drinks and food

Latest Confirmed:
1. faris
9.kak fara
11.kawan wani 1
12.kawan wani 2

For those who havent make confirmation for council gathering, response your status before Friday morning (26/12) to : 0166239491 (Faris)


zeke said...

mahal nye faris...

gingkoi said...

kau aku sekeh kang

zeke said...

hehehhe :P

zeke said...

faris songlap duit.. harge die patut rm 10 je... ehehe

mr K n N said...

klaka la u all 2 nie.. mcm gampang~

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