UNITEN Rowing Invitational 2008

Uniten Rowing Invitational is about to begin in a few hours from now. There are a lot of participants from various local universities such as UTM, MMU, USIM, UTHM, UM and Uniten. Not to mention, there are also participation from universities outside Malaysia such as from Phillipines and Hong Kong. The passion of rowing can be felt now among the athletes or in other word called ROWERS.

Hopefully, in the year 2008 we can bring the trophy back to Uniten because Uniten have organized this event for about 3 years and Uniten never brought back the trophy since lost to UTM all those days. So hopefully, we can increase our spirit and enthusiasm to beat every single universities. NOTHING IS IMPOSSIBLE!

Any updates will be informed here in this blog for these coming three days since URI will be started from 7 August to 10 August.



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