Dinner With Shiga University (Japan) Rowers

Tonight UNITEN rowers had dinner with SHIGA UNIVERSITY rowers at D'Tasik Restaurant. We all had a very nice dinner although at first everyone looked so shy to talk to each other. We all ate Tom Yam, Chicken Soup, and also Sate which was prepared by UNITEN rowers for SHIGA University rowers.

Everyone was so happy and always talk about Japanese culture, both Malay and Japanese languages and even talking about experiences in rowing. At one time all of us sang Kiroro Miraie song together accompanied by Samboria band from D'Tasik Restaurant.

At the end of the dinner, Shiga rowers gave souvenir and origami to each of UNITEN rowers and UNITEN rowers gave T-shirt and even Malaysian currency in return.

Finally we all had a photography session together and the dinner ended with happiness and joyful.


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