Great news rowers!

Despite of late call for our participation in this year MASUM, with lack of training and fitness level, among sudden grouped crews, UNITEN Rowers proved that we can gain something which is not impossible! I hereby state the Masum results of our crew members achievements :

Mens Category:

Boat 4- : No 3 in RepChange
Boat 4+ : Silver Medalist!
Boat 8+ : Silver Medalist!

Womens Category:

Boat 4- : No 2 in RepChange
Boat 4+ : No 3 in Semis
Boat 8+ : No 3 in Semis

Overall Mens Category :

1. UTM

Congrats to our medal grabbers! For those who did not do well, do not quickly feel disappointed.We personally would like to show our gratitude and thankful for your willingness to join this last minute call event, especially for new rowers, not only to get real race experience, but to tighten up our relationship as family crew.As for the will be-retired rowers, millions of thanks for your contributions and helps up until today which is much appreciated. And for the upcoming URI, let us all train hard to achieve something higher!

-faris gingkoi-

p/s: For those who want Masum pics, can personally pass me your thumbdrive with minimum 1 GB capacity.


Anonymous said...

even after the last minute call...
but next will be URI...!!
we'll do it....

Rowing-Malaysia said...

Hi guys,

Very interesting blog. Just noticed! Good luck for the upcoming event this August. You guys have all the factor to win the race. Just add some drill to sharpen your skill. Improve the coordination among crews. Just ROW to the finish line....

Have a visit to

See u at Putrajaya!

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