Uniten Rowing Club T-Shirt is up for sale!!

Price = RM25
Deposite = RM15
Whoever wants to put their nick name on the sleeve of the T-shirt, please make the booking as soon as possible.
Order can be made starting from 3/3/08 (Monday) - 16/3/08 (Sunday)
All orders after 16/3/08 (Sunday) still be accepted but there will be no name embroidered on the T-Shirt.

Info on design options:

1. Sleeves can be opted either long or short.for long sleeves, there'll be no grip at wrist.

2. The position of front design(FD) @ back design(BD) can be chosen each at either above(as shown in pic) or bottom.

i) For those who choose bottom position, the FD will be at bottom right while BD is at bottom left.(based on pics shown, both will be on the bottom left)

3. Size may vary at any sizes.

4.MAKE SURE your nickname/name to be embroidered on shirt is FINALISED. Maximum alphabets are 8 only ok. Can be big or small or mix letters.

Booking method:

1. Example.

type: NICKNAME -space- SIZE -space- FDA -space- BDB -space- SHORT
[*FDA = front design above, BDB = back design bottom]

and send it to Mr. Faris's contact no. or email.The deposite and full payment must be made NOT later then 2 days after booking.

2. Order can be taken straight away if coincidently meet him anywhere.

3. Please provide the exact amout of payment.

H/phone : 016-6239491
(U guys can meet him at MPH everyday starting around 6pm - 7pm for further payment n discussion on design options)


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