wah...lama giler tak update....

Hello rowers-rowers sekelian! So basically i did not update the blog for a really really really long time and I apologize...banyak kerja beb. Anyway, we had two very exciting competitions during the special semester which was MASUM and the 12th Merlion Singapore Rowing Competition...SINGAPORE BEB!!!! Semua orang pi shopping kat singapore....semua nak beli beg baru...including me lah...and approximately 4-5 people got high fever....tak tahu kenapa...bird flu kut...

I guess you guys must be wondering about the results...anyway, basically untuk MASUM our rowing team did a fantastic job! The 4+ boat and 8 boat got third place ( and jangan fikir yang there was only 3 boat racing....this was a real competition!!!!)....I guess all those training paid off!

At Singapore, amazingly, we also obtained a medal!! The 4- boat got a well deserved bronze medal!!! This is crazy considering the fact that yang compete tu semua hustler ( also got national players from vietnam, Iran, Indonesia, etc, competing in the event!!!!).

All in all, the two competition was a big success!!! We couldn't have done any better then but hope to improve in the time to come.


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