Uniten Rowing Club's Basic Rowing Clinic!!!!

Aloha! So today was a special day i guess for the rowing club because we conducted our very first introductory rowing clinic at the one...and only...kelab tasik putrajaya! Ok lah ok lah...some of you guys might have been a bit pissed off or mad sebab tak dapat pi main rowing at empangan batu at hulu yam but at least we got to row ....right? Tapi seriously, rowing at empangan batu is without a doubt fun but its also very tiring...kalo tak percaya pi tanya budak budak rowing lama....sakit pinggang wei angkat bot at empangan batu...

Anyway, i am glad that everyone who attended the rowing clinic was able to do the 2km ergometer test because it will make my list longer!!! woo hoo!!!! Yang belum dapat bawah 8 minit tu ...takpe, you can improve and i know that you will eventually reach the target...it just takes a lot of work....very very hard work!!!! Now that we also have female rowers who have completed the 2km test, i will divide the ranking according to gender. So here is the ranking so far:

Ranking for men:

1.Afif ==> 7:31 minutes
2.Id ==> 7:39 ""
3.En.Ibrahim ==> 7:41 ""
4.Anas ==> 7:47 ""
5.Hassan ==> 7:50""
6.Kona ==> 7:55 ""
7.Epol ==> 7:56 ""
8.Gani ==> 7:56 ''"
9.Ikhsan ==> 8:03 ""
10.Faiz ==> 8:03 ""
11.Dollah ==> 8:09 ""
12.Amal ==> 8:16 ""
13.Mam==>8:28 ""
14.Acap panjang ==> 8:28 ""
15.Cha ==> 8:28 ""
16.Mohd Faris ==> 8:38 ""
17.Shahrir ==> 8:45""
18.Azizi ==> 8:47""
19.Arif ==> 8:49""
22.Mohd Farhan ==> 8:52""
23.Mohd Zulkhairi==>8:52""
24.Khairul Azmil ==> 9:24""
25.Nizam Hakim==>9:52""
26.Zahiruddin ==>9:56""

Ranking for women:

1.Junizah ==> 9:25 minutes
2.Hafizah ==>9:43 ""
3.Yasheera ==>10:07""
4.Wahi ==>10:36""

***wow, that was long list...anyway, i will be updating this blog later tonite with some photos from the first day of the clinic so stay tuned....


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